Final Exam

posted 13 Nov 2017, 01:21 by Damcho Younten

Final Exam Commences for classes PP-II, IV-V & VII-IX today at Druk School. We wish all our beloved students a very best of luck in their final examination.

Children's Day Celebration

posted 12 Nov 2017, 20:16 by Damcho Younten

Children are our future, children are our joy, children are gift. Children's Day at Druk School is truly a special experience!

Immunization (RM)

posted 6 Nov 2017, 02:08 by Damcho Younten

Drukians gets immunized for Rubella and Measles (RM)

Taekwondo Team Goes for a Picnic

posted 5 Nov 2017, 23:28 by Damcho Younten

Druk school taekwondo club members coordinated by the Master Tarun K Balambaki goes for a picnic at Lamperi.


Art Exhibition

posted 3 Nov 2017, 03:13 by Damcho Younten

the confession made through the art of paintings by Druk school students.


posted 2 Nov 2017, 00:25 by Damcho Younten

Dear parents,
Immunization for Measles and Rubella will be conducted by Ministry of Health for students of Druk School.
Date: 6.11.2017
Day: Monday
Vaccine: Measles and Rubella
* for the students of PP to X

Health and sanitation committee and School management
Druk School
Contact person: Laxmi Ghimiray
Contact # 17488560

Druk School Wins the Champion Trophy

posted 30 Oct 2017, 03:31 by Damcho Younten

When the entire Druk School faculty team was busy enjoying the exuberant time at the base of Chari monastery feasting lunch, here in the heart of capital city Mr. Tarun K Balambaki remained eventful with his disciples in the tournament guiding the fight.

The tournament was organized by Thimphu Taekwondo Association on 28th -29th October, 2017 at Swimming Pool complex and Druk school won 5 Gold, 8 Silver and 8 Bronze medals.

It’s no surprise to bring home the golds and silvers by the Drukians but to bring home the overall winner’s trophy as the champion school is another feather to the glory of Druk School martial arts team.

As the champion school out of the 19 different schools who took part, Druk School was recognized as the champion school and was awarded the trophy and cash prize of Nu. 10,000 They will be feasting a picnic soon at their desired destination with the amount they received.

Congratulations to all the participants. We are proud of you.

Staff Picnic

posted 30 Oct 2017, 03:24 by Damcho Younten

Druk school staff dust off their professional hassles after 8 rigorous months of meticulous drudgery at the base of legendary Chari Monastery beside the pristine Thimphu Chuu, feasting the menu of unanimous choices, tuning to the music’s from their collection, rewinding their fading memories and playing their favorite sports on the laps of nature.

Spending time outdoor, Sun basking, breathing fresh air and enjoying a great view. Invigorated by the pure air in lungs, rejuvenated by the melody of clean river and exhilarated by the green mountains, the teachers are once again inspired by nature to uphold the human values.

Druk school teachers coordinated by the management team set out for a refreshing picnic at the base of Chari Monastery on 28th October 2017.


Vacancy Announcement

posted 27 Oct 2017, 00:30 by Damcho Younten

Druk School, Thimphu, Bhutan takes the pleasure to invite active, passionate and young Bhutanese teachers/graduates/post graduates with excellent English Language Competency, to join the reputed school team in the 2018 academic year. Vacancies exist in the primary and secondary levels for English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology. Please mail your curriculum vitae by 15th November, 2017, to  You may also call Tshewang Choden Wangdi at 77318503 for any queries.

Art Exhibition

posted 25 Oct 2017, 21:24 by Damcho Younten

Dear parents,
Art exhibition in Druk School put up by Art Department will be held on 3rd November,2017.
Date: 3rd November, 2017
Day: Friday
Time: 8 am to 5 PM
Venue: MP Hall, Harmony Block Druk School
*Art and craft of all levels will be displayed
Visit the exhibition and enjoy  the creativity.

Art and Craft Department
Druk School

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