Annual Sports Day

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Druk School athletics put in all they got during their annual sports day.
Congratulations Fire House for winning the champion house trophy for 2017.

Admission Open

posted 13 Sep 2017, 02:32 by Damcho Younten   [ updated 13 Sep 2017, 23:12 ]

Mandala Offering

posted 10 Sep 2017, 08:13 by Damcho Younten

Druk School family made a humble contribution to His Holiness on this auspicious day of Oral Transmission of Kangyur Lung to the Buddhist Practioners. We are grateful for the opportunity. It was truly a blessed event.
Representing Druk School:
Principal and team

Secondary Sports Meet, 2017

posted 10 Sep 2017, 07:57 by Damcho Younten

Annual sports meet for the secondary students was held on Saturday September 9th, 2017 at Lungtenzampa Athletic ground. The selection round was completed the previous day and final sprints, Jumps and throws were competed on the final day. The winners of the competitions will be awarded with medals and certificate in the school along with their junior brothers and sisters on their sports day which is on 16th September, 2017 at Druk School. 


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Druk School is pleased to announce admissions for PP- 2018.
 Apply now and secure a seat. Preference shall be given to parents having siblings in the school.
 Admission forms are available in the 
General Office,
 Druk School,

P.O. Box: 412
Contact :02-326150 or 17296107
Thank you. 

Musical Show by Secondary Students

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Senior Druk school students put up an open air musical show with such gusto and vibrancy that kept the audience engaged and amazed! We have talents! Though the afternoon shower made all of us anxious and nervous. We carried on preparation for the show bracing the rain with hopeful heart. Weather favoured Drukians as always! 
Thank you parents for being there! This is the last entertainment show in this academic session. 
Thank you one and all!
for more pictures please click the link below

International literacy Day Celebration.

posted 31 Aug 2017, 02:32 by Damcho Younten

8th September: International literacy Day Celebration.
Venue: Druk School.

Programme List.

1. Short speech: On the importance of celebrating the day. 5 minutes

2. Short skit. 15 minutes

3. Speech: Differentiate between Literate and Educated. 3 minutes

3. Kindle a flame- Tutor's experience and the learners experience. 10 minutes

4. Drawing and painting:Importnace of literacy. 1 hour.

5. Screening of the Mobile Films. 1 hour

Mobile film competition:

Who can Participate: Classes PP-10 students.

Theme: "I read a book" - a digital book review.

Duration : maximum 2 minutes.

Note: on 30th and 31st August book fair will be organized @Druk School.

Please Buy a Book/Books on these two days (during the bookfair) for your digital book review because the bookstore (Kokay Enterprise) is sponsoring the prizes for the following 2 competitions:

1- Drawing & Painting Competition.

2- Mobile Film Competition: A digital Book Review.

When you buy a book from the bookfair you will also get a lucky draw coupon which will be drawn on Monday 4th of September.

Looking forward for your support!

Thank you la.

Tsangmo Recitation

posted 31 Aug 2017, 02:21 by Damcho Younten

From time immemorial, Bhutanese have been expressing their emotions such as love, hatred, devotion, aspiration insults and more through melancholic composition known as Tsangmo. Druk school upholds this cultural aspect and imparts the tradition to our students. Literary month is the apt time to present to the parents and audience the age old traditions of Tsangmo coordinated by lopen Jampel Shaynyen & Choki Nima.

Debate Finals

posted 31 Aug 2017, 01:56 by Damcho Younten

From historical facts to modern science, from Geo-political  to National sovereignty, Earth & Fire House deliberated on the topic " Track suits should be allowed in schools".
Rounds of blazing points were exchanged between the two debating teams, for and against the motion making arduous task for the judges. However, after much toilsome analysis, Earth House speaking for the motion won the debate adjudging Rose Thachil of class IX as the best debater.
Congratulations! winners we learned a lot from your debate.

Upper Primary Dzongkha Quiz

posted 31 Aug 2017, 01:42 by Damcho Younten

Upper Primary students (IV-VI) enjoyed the last literary activity conducted by Dzongkha Department yesterday coordinated by Lopen Tandin Dorji who also hosted the competition. The entire program was designed and presented by Lopen Sangay Rinchen. There were 5 rounds for the event, Air house stood the first with 500 points followed by Water House with 460 points, Fire House with 440 points and finally Earth House with 300 points.
Congratulations to all the participants.

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