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posted 25 Dec 2017, 20:29 by Saru Limbu   [ updated 25 Dec 2017, 22:45 ]


Dear Parents,

First of all let me, on behalf of all at Druk School, thank you most sincerely for choosing Druk School for your precious child! We value the trust and confidence you have in us by selecting Druk School and we look forward to working together as partners in facilitating an enjoyable and enriching educational experience for your child.

At Druk School we understand that there is nothing more precious than a child and nothing is more important than preparing a child for the challenges of the future. We accept each child  as an important individual and aspire to make each child an achiever in his/her capacity.

We believe that the provision of quality education in a non threatening environment is a long-term investment and commitment. The Druk School is uncompromising in its commitment to provide high quality education amidst lots of love and care.

Please find attached the necessary information for 2018 academic year!

We look forward to welcoming you and your child as members of the Druk School Family!



With highest respect,

Tshewang Choden Wangdi



Academic Year 2018

1.     School  commences on:

1st February, 2018 for Students of Classes VII-XI

12th February, 2018 for Students of Classes IV-VI

1st March, 2018 for Students of Classes PP-III.

2. School days: Monday to Friday. No school on Saturdays for students. Professional Development Day for Teachers AND PERSONAL QUALITY FAMILY TIME FOR STUDENTS AND ENHANCEMENT OF  HOBBIES.

2. Arrival to school 8.20 am for students of PP-XI Monday-Friday.

3. Go home time /Pick up time:

 Class PP and Class I: 1:55 pm

Classes II and III: 2:45 pm

Classes IV-XI: 4:00 pm

4. Commencement of School: Full day class for all classes on the opening day. So please send lunch, some snacks, to be eaten during snacks time in the morning, and water /fresh fruit juice only with a cloth napkin.

We encourage wholesome   home cooked simple yet nutritious lunch and snacks for children. We have no school canteen .

These items are banned and cannot enter school premise.

-plastic shopping bags

-Uncooked packaged noodles

-Packaged chips of any kind

-Fizzy drinks

- Mass produced plastic bottled juices

-Chewing gum

- Sweets

-Mass produced cup cakes and choco pies.

-Cell phones by student unless approved by school authority

-Toys and play things unless approved by school authority.

5. Please hand over the stationeries as per the list given for Classes PP-III, during the second week of school.

Classes IV-XI should come with only one ruled note book size 6 during the first week of school….orientation and value week..Do not send the stationery. Please send their school bag to take the textbooks home on the first day of school.

6. School Uniform:

The School Uniform comprising of gho and tego for boys; kera , wonju and tego for girls should  be  procured from  Dorji Lhadon Shop (Druk Shopping Complex, Thimphu) to maintain  uniformity in prints and colour . School encourages personal stitching of gho and kera to ensure comfort level and durability.

The PE uniform  for boys and girls  is to procured from Sunrise Sports Centre, opposite to eight eleven shop , contact numbers 77639616 and 17115299, School track pants must not be made slim fit  by senior students.


.The Sports Shoes for PE is black in colour. Small colored prints and design on it would be allowed.


6.1.The school uniform shoe and socks is black and we encourage quality shoes since it has a serious repercussion on the child’s comfort and growth. School shoes with velcro straps are especially recommended for the younger children since it makes them more independent and has an effect on their confidence level.


7: Please procure good quality stationery as per the list attached for the specific levels.


8.Transport: School bus is available for transportation of students..Please contact Finance Manager, Mr.Lachuman Sanyasi , phone number 17719742 for details on route and  cost.

Please check and facebook Druk School for any updates.

Please do not hesitate to call us for any other clarification:

 1.Mr.Dechen Namgyal ,Deputy Principal:77631230

2.Mr.M.B.Mongar:Deputy Principal:77619855

3.Ms.Tshewang Choden Wangdi:Principal :77318503


Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,2018.


Tshewang Choden Wangdi