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Birth Anniversary of His Royal Highness Gyalsey

posted 5 Feb 2017, 04:25 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 19:28 by Unknown user ]
Druk school joins the nation in celebrating the First Birth Anniversary of His Royal Highness Gyalsey.
                                                                                  Druk School is proud to state that Druk School     Students carry out Mindfulness session during  the Morning Assembly and important gatherings with confidence and meaningfully.
    A piece of self composed Mindfulness     delivered on First Birth Anniversary of His Royal     Highness Gyalsey by Sonam Lekzin, class X.

    Close your eyes..... Take a deep breath in ...     and out...
    Imagine yourself in a big mirror. 
    There you can see your reflection.
    In your reflection you are wearing your national dress.
You are a proud Bhutanese, living in a small yet beautiful and peaceful country.....ruled by king of hearts and queen of hearts. You live in a country where you are treated justly and respected for who you are. When you breathe in you take in the fresh air surrounded by rich flora and fauna and drink the water from the springs surrounded by herbs. You remind yourself that you are a proud Bhutanese living in an independent country. A land of happiness. As you grow up you will be the future of this beautiful country. 
Breathe in the peace, beauty and clean air.... breathe out the hatred, unhappiness and stress..breathe in... breathe out....