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"Flag Day" Celebration.

posted 5 Aug 2017, 22:31 by Unknown user

I: During Assembly (Programme list/And the coordinators)

1. Hoisting of the National Flag. Lopen Choki Nima.

2. National Anthem. Lopen Chado

3. Why celebrate Flag Day: A short speech. Mr Bhandari.

4. Detail of our National Flag: A Short speech: Mr Damchoe Younten.

5. Poems: 2 poems (praise to King/country/leaders)- Mrs Sherab Wangmo.

6.Singing: 2 songs (National patriotic songs)- music teachers.

II: Things to bring to celebrate the Flag Day:

1.Flower pots: A child will have to bring either White pot with white flowers or Orange pot with orange flowers or Yellow pot with yellow flowers. One Child One flower Only.-(The flower and the pot shall be accepted as gift from the child to the school, use it for school beautification)

2. Flags: One National Flag (with stand/pole, Size of the Flag- as per parent’s discretion) Non-Nationals may bring their national flag along with our National Flag. Each Child will be given an opportunity to express (through poem/singing/speeches) their feelings about the flag in their respective classrooms.

3.Parents will prepare and send Bhutanese Cuisine (as pack lunch) for their child on that day.

Lets participate with utmost zeal in this historic event because Druk school will be the first school in the country to celebrate the Flag Day.

Thank you. "Druk School must Lead, Must NOT be led".

For any clarifications you may contact Mr. Gayatri Bhandari @ 17664062- programme coordinator.