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Inter House Debate Competition (Earth Vs Air House)

posted 9 Sept 2014, 08:11 by Unknown user   [ updated 15 Sept 2014, 23:32 ]

To celebrate the literary month Druk school organized its first round of inter House debate in English for secondary level on Monday 9th Sept
Air house team comprising : Adeep Nirola X, Kezang C wangchuk X, Shreya Ganapati IXB, . debated for the proposition and Earth House Comprising Pema Thinley X, Gazin Phuntsho X, Chimi Lhamo VII A, Lhachen Wangmo VII B debated against the proposition “ School in Bhutan should allow students choice of their subjects”
The air house which supported the proposition was declared the winner!
The organizers for the debate were supported by Tshetsho Wangdi IX-A as the moderator, Azzan Mongar from VII C and Jigme Dorji from VIII B as time keeper.
Congratulations for both the houses!
In the second round of English debate Fire House debates “Students achievement is a reflection of teachers input” with water house on Monday 15th September in Druk School hall! The water House which Spoke against the motion won the debate!

                      Congratulations to both the Houses.