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Professional Training at Druk School

posted 14 Aug 2014, 23:19 by Unknown user

Workshop Title – The New Age teacher

An inquiry into using drama in classroom and for personal development.

The New Age Teacher Oath

We pledge..

To shed all inhibitions and be open minded.

To use the right side of our brain.

To nurture our inner child.

                                                        To be open to new ideas.

                                                                         To be lifelong learners.

The workshop into using drama as a classroom teaching tool as well as for personal and professional development was a hands on, practical workshop consisting of energizers, improvisations, discussion and presentations, group work and exploring new teaching ideas.

Workshop Highlights:

¨  Participants explored drama for their personal development.

¨  To make their class lively and fun.

¨  To make their teaching interesting and engaging.

¨  To use important aspects of drama such as eye contact, effective body language, usage of hands, poise, facial expressions.

¨  A teacher at all time must think creatively to bring new engaging ideas to the class.

¨  Using drama as a tool, to engage students effectively in their areas of expertise.

¨  Understanding the scope of drama in their subjects.

¨  The possibilities are endless, finding the best suited genre or form of drama to ensure conceptual learning.

The workshop concluded with teachers feeling refreshed and budding with new ideas. They are most excited and ready, to take this new understanding and apply it to their classroom teaching.

‘Only a lifelong learner can be an excellent teacher.’- with this belief we continue to provide unique professional development opportunities to our staff, so that the students of Druk School can benefit and do better and better each day.