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School declares Autumn Holiday, 2014

posted 15 Sept 2014, 22:01 by Sudip Rai
Distinguish Parents,
May I have the honour to inform you that a proposal from staff on an extended holiday break during the Thimphu Tshechu and Dassain celebration was discussed and approved by the student leaders during the school leaders meeting held on 8th September 2014.

The objectives would be: - 
        1. To ensure cultural ethos are facilitated and thus preservation of culture is reinforced.
        2. Allow students and staff to take a longer journey to their home towns to celebrate Dassian.
        3. Allow a get away from urban Thimphu for some families to do some family quality out door activities                together.
        4. Allow all students and staff to get an autumn break to rejuvenate to ensure the best is facilitated in the             final phase of the academic year.
Therefore, the School will remain closed with effect from 28th September till 5th October. The three working days of 30th, 1st and 2nd October will be compensated on 20th September, Saturday (full day using Tuesday timetable), on 27th September, Saturday (full day using Wednesday timetable) and on 11th October (full day using Thursday timetable). 

If anyone of you have a strong reservation on this action, please do discuss with the Principal [17163330]. Thank you for your support. Wishing each one of you very very Happy Thimphu Tshechu and Dassain! 

With highest respect.