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Winter coaching classes

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The Art Lab @ Druk School

Winter Workshops


Dance, Drama and Art

20th to 30th December 2014 (Inclusive of Saturdays and Sundays)

Drama workshops for children

Communication skills – Age 6 to 8 – Participants 30 – Rs 2000/-

Cartoon Illustrations – Age 9 Above – Participants 35 – Rs. 2000/-

Devising Monologues – Age 12 and above – Participants 30 – Rs. 2000/-

Fusion Dance workshop for women – 18 years and above – Participants 30 – Rs. 2000/-

Venue and time

Fusion dance workshop – 8.00 to 9.15 am   (Druk School Hall)

Communication skill – 9. 30 to 10. 30 am     (Druk School Hall)

Cartoon Illustration – 10. 45 to 12.00 am      (Classroom)

Devising Monologues – 12. 30 to 1. 45 pm   (Druk School Hall)

About the Workshops:

Communication skills

Children will learn the basics of effective communication. They will explore voice modulation, articulation, stance, body language, observation and imagination. They will develop and understand clarity in communication from a younger age. With effective communication children can gain confidence and be expressive.

Cartoon illustrations

Every child loves cartoons. Imagine, if they are able to create their own cartoons, wouldn’t they just love it? In this workshop they will explore the basics of designing cartoons. They will also understand how they are created using basic shapes. Children will also learn to draw different expressions that give a certain personality to the created characters.

Devising monologues

  • The devised monologue process combines theatre and acting fundamentals: body, voice, image, text, time and space
  • Experiment, invent, create and craft a dynamic solo performance that is unique in content and form

Students will explore the art of performing. Students will aspire to develop creativity, originality and imagination. They will develop a stronger sense of stage, poise and gain confidence.

Fusion dance

Fusion dance workshop will explore techniques from Indian, contemporary and belly dance. Participants will learn the basics of contracting and releasing the body, to create graceful silhouettes. They will also explore a number of hand movements that play a very important part of fusion dance. Fusion dance is a great form of fitness, flexibility and grace. Participants will also learn the basics of expressions.

For any clarification, please call, Ms.Charmi Chheda- 77398833

Fees & forms to be submitted to Ms. Charmi at school between 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Charmi Chheda                                                    Tshewang Choden Wangdi                                     

Creative Arts Director                                               Principal, Druk School



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