Staff Recruitment Policy


1.To promote high levels of staff performance, use educational resources effectively and recognize the needs of students,

2.To be a good employer as defined in the RCSE and comply with all conditions in employment contracts applying to teaching and non-teaching staff.


1.All appointments will be made in accordance with MOE guidelines and School’s contract policy.

2.Principal and the school coordinator will act independently on the appointments of all teaching and non- teaching position. They will respect the confidentiality of every application to this school and its accompanying referee’s reports both written and verbal.

3.The School proprietor and coordinator will employ a Principal and other appropriate staff to deliver the approved curriculum and implement the National Education Guidelines.

4.Only trained teachers or people with “some years of teaching experience will be employed for the purpose of teaching/instructing students, if not must have applied for training, and will be appointed subject to training being completed.

5.The management team will follow the agreed procedures appropriate to each appointment (refer Appointment Procedures)

6.All non-teaching staff will require police clearance and clearance from the last organization worked before appointment can be confirmed.


1.All permanent teaching positions whether full time or part time and fixed term positions for one year will be advertised nationally in the national local newspaper. Relieving positions less than one year will be advertised as the Principal deems appropriate.

2.Job descriptions and selection procedures for all positions advertised will be available on request.

3.Selecting applicants for senior positions, with permanent position will be delegated to School proprietor and coordinator including the Principal, which will have authority to make an appointment.

4.Recruitment and appointment for other teaching positions will be delegated to the Principal, in consultation with the senior management team, who will have the authority to make the appointment.

5.In respect of long-term non-teaching positions, these will be advertised in local newspapers or as appropriate. Administrative support staff and teacher assistants will be delegated to the Principal in consultation with appropriate staff. Both the Board Committee and the Principal will have the power to make the appointment.

6.The Principal will notify all applicants of the decision in writing.

7.All papers and information related to an application remain confidential to the school and:

    a.Application forms of successful applicants will be retained in the applicant’s personal records;

    b.Unsuccessful applicants; papers and information will either be returned to them or destroyed once the position has been filled.

Guidelines for Staff Induction

1.Systems will be in place to support all newly appointed staff.

2.Provisionally appointed teachers will be provided with appropriate programmes of support.

3.All new staff will be made aware of the School Teacher Contract aggrement document, school organization documents and school policies.

4.Team and Head of the Department will provide details on curriculum content and assessment procedures.

5.Provision will be made to give access to school support personnel

6.All new staff will be provided with a staff handbook and school diary

7.All staff will be given a job description, performance agreement and details of school rules as they related to staff discipline.