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NameQualificationJoined Druk SchoolSubjectContactEmail
NameQualificationJoined Druk SchoolSubjectContactEmail
Lopen Chado Zindra 6 (BA (Buddhist Philosophy) 2012 Dzongkha 17627375 chado@drukschool.com 
Lopen Tandin Dorji Zhindra 9/ MA in Buddhist Philosophy  2012 Dzongkha 17658729 tandin.dorji@gmail.com 
Lopen Poonam Chhetri B.A Geography Hons. 2014 Geography 17115303 poo.chhetri@gmail.com 
Lopen Radhika Rai Teacher Training Certificate (Sikkim) Pre- Primary 2012 Math/ English 77989324 namnu1234@gmail.com 
Lopen Gayatri Bhandari B.A. Mass Communications 2012 History & Economics 17664062 bhandari@drukschool.com 
Lop. Passang  B.A. Buddhist Philosophy  2004 Dzongkha 17643831 passangdrukschool@gmail.com 
Lopen Jampal Sheynen MA in Buddhist Philosophy  2012 Dzongkha 17541437 sheynyen@drukschool.com 
Lopen Reetu Rai B.Ed Primary  2017 English  17623102  
Sonam Choden Diploma TTI XII Passes 14/07/2014 General(Dzo/Eng/Math/EVS) 77309686  
Lopen M.B Mongar Primary Trained Teacher Certificate 2006 Mathematics 17619855 mongar@drukschool.com 
Lopen Namkha Lhamo ISCE XII 2014 General (Eng/Dzo/Math/ Eng EVS) 17939541 namkhalham@gmail.com  
Lopen Sangay Rinchen B.A in Buddhist Philosophy  2013 Dzongkha  17363190 rinchensangay11@yahoo.com 
Lopen Sherab Wangmo BCA 2014 English & Social Studies 17622624 sherab82@gmail.com 
Lopen Laxmi Ghimiray Teacher Training Certificate in pre-primary (Sikkim) 2012 English/ Maths/Eng EVS 17488560 hiluxmi65@gmail.com 
Lopen Choki Nima ILCS 2013 Dzongkha 17488757 chokinima@rediffmail.com 
Lopen Manju Sharma PTTC 2014 English/ Eng EVS 17859866 Sandidi12@yahoo.com  
Lopen Dechen Namgyel Primary Trained Teacher Certificate 2004 General (Eng/Dzo/Math/Eng EVS 17631230 namgyel@drukschool.com 
Lopen Saru Limboo BCA 2016 IT 17599540 saru@drukschool.com 
Lopen Karma Jamtsho Diploma ( TTI) XII Passed 04/07/2014 Math/Science/Eng EVS 17978357  
Mr. Jonathan Redman B.Sc Life Sciences 2016 HPE 77258718 redmans101@gmail.com 
Lopen Narayan Ghalley BE.Computer Science 2015 Music 17786047 noraing32@gmail.com 
Lopen Gopal Biswa  Bachelor in Music  2018 Music  77740226  
Lopen Yeshi Chozom B.Sc Computer Science & Mathematics/PGDE 01/08/2018 IT +97517730330 ycyeezo130@gmail.com 
Lopen Karma Dorji  XII BCSEA 2012 Lab Assistant  17993589 jameszeepsdorji@gmail.com 
Lopen Sonam Tshering  B.Sc Computer Science & Mathematics/PGDE 2018 Math 17468467 cring.tenzin24@gmail.com 
Lopen Phuntsho Choden B.Sc Physic and math/ PgDE 2018 Social Studies & Science 17886131 phuntsho860@gmail.com 
The Principal, Tshewang Choden Wangdi  MA in Education  2018 Value Education 17121724 tshewangchodenwangdi@gmail.com 
Lopen Karma Choki  B.Ed Secondary Math/Physic  2015 Physic 17659074 karmachoki440@gmail.com 
Lopen Sangay Dorji   B. Sc. Computer Science and mathematics  2012 Maths 17653259 sangayballack@gmail.com 
Lopen Jaganath Dunguna BBA/PGDE 2012 Mathematics  17774833 dungana@drukschool.com 
Lopen Laxmi Rai  Primary Trained Teacher Certificate  2008 English 17799436 laxmirai2014@gmail.com 
Lopen Phub Dorji B. Com 2012 HPE  17685446 phubdorji@drukschool.com 
Lopen Karma Jigme Bachelor in Arts/ Teacher Training Certificate Sikkim. 2001 English 17607327/ 02326987 karmajigme@icloud.com 
Lopen Anand Dikshit  M.A (English) B.Ed. 2019 English and Environmental Science  77221471 asdikshit@yahoo.com 
Lopen Yeshi Nidup  M.A in Buddhist Philosophy , PgDE (Dzongkha) 18th Feb 2019 Dzongkha 17519339 yeshinidup505@gmail.com 
Lopen Dukula Burathoki  B. A Eco/Evs, PgDE in Economics  18th Feb 2019 Economics & Geography  17442607 dukulachhetri@gmail.com 
Lopen Chencho Wangmo  : B. A Political Science and History Master in Business Administration (MBA) 18th Feb 2019 History  77639857 chencho508@gmail.com 
Lopen Narayan K. Muley  M. Sc B.Ed (Chemistry) 18th Feb 2019 Physics and Chemistry    
Lopen Luckey Pradhan  B. Sc Botany Honors PgDE in Biology (Currently Undergoing) 18th Feb 2019 Biology 17565056 lukeypradhan@gmail.com 
Lopen Sangay Dorji   18th Feb 2019 Dzongkha 17399055 sangaydorji270@gmail.com 
Lopen karishma Rai BA English, PGDE in English  18th Feb 2019 Social studies  17769470 karishmang90@gmail.com 
Lopen Sujata Baraily  B.Ed in education (Bio/Che) 18th Feb 2019 Sience 17954422 sujatabaraily123@gmail.com 
Lopen Deepak  B.Ed Secondary (Bio & Che)  18th Feb 2019 Biology and Chemistry  17457428 charmling66@gmail.com 
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