Field Trips

Study Tours & Field Trip Rules

Any study tour or field trip requires prior permission. Submit a completed Study Tour Proposal Form a week in advance. Parent’s consent must be obtained for all trips. Field trips are an important addition to learning  programmes.

  1. Written information of all trips is sent home in advance.
  2. A special consent form signed by the parent/ guardian is necessary for a child to be taken on a trip.
  3. Sufficient numbers of adult helpers are required for all trips.
  4. The students, the class teacher and the subject teacher concerned must jointly draw up the itinerary and submit for approval & also ensure gender representation among the staff is considered.
  5. Seek permission of concerned authorities of the places and sites of visit included in the itinerary. This has to be done at least a week in advance.
  6. Dress decently throughout the trip. Follow the formal Bhutanese dress code for visits to lhakangs, dzongs, schools and institutes.
  7. For trips outside Thimphu, the class teacher, subject teacher and the Dzongkha teacher of the class should escort students. The Dzongkha teacher will guide the group in the correct etiquettes.

8.         During the trip, students should stay in their groups at all times.

9.          The school rules are applicable for the duration of the trip.

10.       Cell phones are not allowed during school hours but special permission to carry cell phones during field trips can be sought. 


Grade IX Field trip to Paro, October 12, 2018