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Message from the principal

posted 16 Mar 2021, 03:16 by M. B. Mongar   [ updated 16 Mar 2021, 03:18 ]

Message from the Principal

posted 9 Apr 2020, 02:11 by M. B. Mongar

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

posted 31 Jan 2018, 22:57 by Saru Limbu   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 23:00 by M. B. Mongar ]

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

Here I am …back with Druk School, after a gap of two years, looking forward in making school life the most happy and memorable ones for all associated with Druk!

I come back solely to ensure Druk School gets back its parity of esteem and regain her status as the top school in the country and assist my Beloved King in ensuring our children grow up with dignity, love, compassion and hope.

I come with a new vigor and a new programme to upgrade the school to higher secondary level, though not at the cost of the present system, but to ensure our children gets a choice of 13 years of continued stimulating and loving environment to grow up into happy and responsible citizens of tomorrow and be an Achiever in his or her own way!

I am very confident with the Management and the team of staff at Druk School and I assure each one of you of our highest quality service and association. We look forward to your continued partnership.

Looking forward to a rejuvenated academic year with lots of hope, prayers and pledge of commitment.

A very warm welcome to all our  dear students,  honourable parents and grandparents into  a very successful academic year,2018, at Druk.

See you soon at Druk!

Tshewang Choden Wangdi

Principal( 2008-2015) 2018---







Welcome 2017!

posted 6 Feb 2017, 00:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 19:39 by M. B. Mongar ]

Dear Students,                                                                                                                           06.02.2017

Welcome back!
A very Happy New Year!

First Day in school is always an excitement. This day comes every year but its never the same. New day always come with new hope, new expectations and new dreams. That's the beauty and essence of living life and drive us towards our goals.

 Druk School is a place for nurturing dreams and expectations to success with the best team of faculty in the country. Druk School provides the highest Academic standard along with the most caring and clean environment. Use your stay in Druk School most productively and grow in to a well rounded human being.

Be guided by the school motto: Excellence in Body, Mind and Speech.

Together lets make 2017 a successful and most exciting learning year! 

Good luck!

Welcome Back!

posted 20 Oct 2014, 20:29 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Feb 2016, 23:54 by M. B. Mongar ]

Welcome back! Wish you all a very happy 2016!
New Year has begun,
 Bringing much hope, aspirations and dreams
Druk school is the place of hope, aspiration and dreams,
For each one of you to take on the days and years to come,
Drukians!Let’s!be the hope and inspiration for each other,
Let’s realize and live the dream together!

Anupa G Thapa
Druk School

HI...I am back on my page again!

posted 21 Nov 2013, 20:50 by Unknown user   [ updated 21 Nov 2013, 20:50 by M. B. Mongar ]

Hi Everyone,

My sincerest apologies for not being in my page for so long. I promise you that now onwards, I would be regular with my updates!

Today, the 20th November, 2013, was a very emotional day for all of us at Druk School since we had a final meeting amongst the subject teachers, students and parents of the first  Druk cohort of the Bhutan Secondary Certificate Examination(Class X). We were honoured with the presence of the most supportive parents who trusted us  and thus made their children the pioneers of the BSCE at Druk!We were so privileged to have their support till the end. Thank you  ,dear parents, for all you did to give your children the voice and the space to grow independently. They have  made  you proud.

The precious first cohort comprises of  sixteen students ,eight girls and eight boys. Each one …..the Jewel of Druk School. Time flies and these beautiful swans are now ready to fly .Most of them have been with us for so long…...their entire basic education  years with us and how they make us so proud  now as they stand as responsible young  leaders  who have  been real role models for all at Druk School.

These  swans have grown together and worked amidst tears and laughter and have become stronger as a team. They are fantastic team players. They are our dream  team and we are confident that they would succeed as usual in the BCSE and in life. Today, as we formally   thanked them and released them from the rigor of  everyday routine work, we felt good since we believe in them and know they would be alright without us being around them. They have grown and they have won and knowing  this, we are happy.


Well…. For the rest of the Drukians…the  annual exam is on wef 21st November and I know all of them must be busy burning the midnight oil. After all my students also believe in the  maxim ,”Bhutanese work best under stress”. And as ever, my students will appear for their examination in the same happy manner, each child the happiest after each exam paper. Schedules may change, weather may change, exam papers may change, but for each little Drukian,  their happiness quotient never changes and I am so glad for that.

I know I  expect too much sometimes from my students but  when I see my little ones of PP-III, coming to school early morning(8am) without any fuss and my seniors(IV-X) leaving school at 4.30pm in the November cold without any anger, I do feel great satisfaction that my children have learnt to persevere and take the challenges stoically. I call this preparing for life and I feel so good about it.


Well till my next post, here’s me wishing all my very dear  students the very best in their Annual Examination and with heartfelt prayers for each one ‘s success, happiness, good health and peace of mind.Love you always!  Mam Principal.


Thank you and Happy Holidays!

posted 29 Jun 2013, 21:51 by Unknown user   [ updated 29 Jun 2013, 21:51 by M. B. Mongar ]

Precious Students,Teachers,Supporting Staff and Parents,

The first term just got over on 29th and everyone is on their much deserved Summer Holidays now with excellent input made in the successful culmination of all the activities of the first term. I would like to acknowledge the wonderful job done by each staff in the school and for their committed input in all the school matters.The Dream Team of Druk School makes me feel so proud and excited to work harder.Thank you ,Teachers and Supporting Staff, for the work well done!
The School Leaders and the students made us proud by their input in all areas sans any conflicts, accidents and serious disciplinary issues. Thank you,  School Leaders , for all your initiatives and assistance in the organisation and the management of the school.

The academic achievement was 96%  pass percentage for the Mid Term Examination with most of the students surpassing our expectations in their attainment level.The overall  attainment level in Maths,Science and Dzongkha has improved very much compared to last year.My sincerest congratulations to all the students who made us proud!

I would like to wish the very best to the students who would be leaving us after mid term to explore new opportunities in  international schools.We are confident of your success wherever you go .We wish  to remind you of our motto  Excellence in Body, Mind and Speech and to remind you to visit us whenever you are in town.

The Staff had a wonderful Staff Dinner last evening at Galingkha Hotel, hosted very generously by the Management.Our heartfelt gratitude to  the Management  who ensures we are looked after and treated very well.This keeps us going on to higher heights and in our passion to make Druk School the most credible school in the country.
A BIG THANK YOU to all our dear parents who were with us throughout the term ensuring active participation in strengthening our  partnership in facilitating a happy school environment for our precious children.We  wish you to have  a wonderful quality happy family  time with your children.Remember we are here to make beautiful memories for the children.
A huge thank you to everyone and Happy General Election .Lets make the General Election a great success by being responsible and voting for the  best political  party! Happy Holidays!See you all on 15th July.

With all my love and prayers for a wonderful family time,
Tshewang Choden Wangdi

All well at Druk School and Happy Voting Day!

posted 19 Apr 2013, 21:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 19 Apr 2013, 21:37 by M. B. Mongar ]

 Dear PTA Members, Parents and my very precious students,
First of  all let me thank each one of you for your valuable contribution in  making Druk School the top school in Bhutan for the consecutive fourth year! 
Without your strong partnership, this would not have been possible.We take great pride in having the best team of parents and student with us.
Well few new programmes have been instituted as discussed with you during the general  parent-school  meetings.I would like to thank all the parents who made it for the meetings and so very kindly endorsed the proposals put up by the school.We regret that few parents who could not make it for the meetings have once again disappointed  their children since the children take  great pride in their parents involvement at the school.
I am glad that the parents endorsed the Student Support System of Druk School and their commitment to ensure a disciplined lifestyle at home to support the well intended programmes at school for the development of each child.I would also like to thank the parents who accepted the new responsibility as as the PTA members on their election.We are proud of you and we look forward to working closely with you to make Druk School the happiest school for your children.
This year ..a new initiative towards decentralization and  empowerment,  the school is managed by one of the four houses,Air,Water,Earth and Fire, for a month on rotation basis.They organise and manage the school in all areas .A lot of  innovative  strategies are being being put in place.Earth House members did an excellent job for the month of March and  for the month of April,the Air House is in command.
Instead of the clubs on Wednesdays, we have  Inclusive Education for PP-III, Design for Change programmes instituted for levels IV-VIII and Career/Value Education for IX and X. Children find this more useful and are enjoying the new focus.
The NC Election is here now and the teachers of Druk School have already made our choice of National Council  Members through the postal ballot.I pray and urge all our parents to kindly take an active part in the 2013 election since we need to be role models for our children as well as ensure we make the country stronger, happier and more prosperous for our children.
Well...I am always around and would love to be of any help in any matters whatsoever!
Till next post..cherrio...Smile  and be Happy!


posted 17 Mar 2013, 06:35 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Mar 2013, 06:35 by M. B. Mongar ]

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,
Here's me wishing each one of you a Wonderful Day of Happiness with your near and dear ones on 20th March  in  celebration of the International Day of Happiness!!I also hope this day allows us to share some happy moments with those  who may not be as lucky as us  to have a loving family .We must at least try to make a difference in someone's life by bringing a breath of happiness and sunshine in his/her life.So, lets get thinking hard so  by  the end of the day on 20th March, all of us can have a happy memory of touching someone's heart .
The academic session has started off with a high...with all the staff and students back to school on the dot of time, with a lot of passion, happiness and dreams of new beginnings and hopes.
The children are also excited about the new library, a new additional IT lab  and the Geography Lab,which should be ready by the end of March.We aspire to provide  the best of facilities to  the children in all areas so that they can also aim for the  best in life.This year is also very meaningful to us since we will be  seeing our first cohort  of Class X pioneering the BSC Examination and we are very confident that they would make us proud.
Looking forward in meeting all the distinguished parents of students of classes PP-VI on 23rd March to continue and  strengthen our partnership.
Once again wishing each one you the Happiest Day of Your Life on 20th March,2013.

Welcome back to an Exciting New Academic Year.

posted 23 Feb 2013, 05:08 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Feb 2013, 05:08 by M. B. Mongar ]

Dear Students  and Parents,
Happy New Academic Year! We, the staff members, are all eager to see you all on 1st March.The staff have been working hard wef 13th Feb, designing new programmes , activities and enhancing our professional capabilities to make the teaching /learning processes more interesting and challenging.We are really looking forward in having you all back with us soon.We hope to see you all as enthusiastic as ever with the  beginning of the new  academic year and  the exciting year ahead.
May I also take this opportunity to thank all the new parents who attended the Orientation Programme on  16th February,2013. Your presence has made us more confident in our endeavour to offer the best  services. The  strong partnership has already begun!
I would also like to wish the outgoing students the very best in their new schools and with a prayer that they would keep the  motto of Druk School:Excellence in Body,Mind and Speech,  always alive through their actions..We will miss them a lot.

See you all soon! 

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