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A Huge Thank You to those Parents who attended the Parent-Teacher Meeting on 6th October,2012:10.30am-2pm.

posted 20 Oct 2012, 07:38 by Unknown user   [ updated 20 Oct 2012, 07:38 by M. B. Mongar ]
Most  Honourable Parents,
Thank you very much for your attendance at the General Parent-Teacher Meeting on 6th October,2012.We are very grateful to you for your presence  since it meant a lot for us  in the provision of  very useful feedback on the school system and  the much required direction for  2013. Our heartfelt gratitude to all the parents  who took the leadership roles of Chairperson and Rapporteur.Judging form the huge volume of observations,concerns and recommendations  shared,as seen through the well discussed and subtly endorsed minutes, has validated once again  your keen interest and support in maintaining Druk School as the  number one school in the country and making it the happiest experience for your children.We sure love working harder for parents like you since you show an allegiance to the school.We are fortunate to have role models like you since we can see your children emulate these traits  and we derive great satisfaction since we gain better success with your children. 
The minutes have been discussed in great detail among the staff and we have taken in  your wisdom and have worked out strategies for  immediate implementation and for 2013 academic year as suggested by you.We will be sending you the details soon and will also upload it on our web page.The  original  minutes of all the classes will be posted soon o the web page.So, please go though them.
The minutes of the meeting also showed us that we need to orient the parents more on the school system since  there were instances of confusion on some of the school practices.We will ensure this is done in the beginning of the next academic year using the same modality of parent-teacher meeting as done on 6th October,2012.
We thank all the parents for giving us the opportunity to recruit untrained graduates this year and for your support in our aspiration to  build up our own professionals.Most of them have developed very well and we are sure that they would do better next year. We apologise for the shortfalls and we would, most sincerely, rectify them immediately.Watch out for 2013, when we will make you proud of us! As recommended by the parents, the Senior Concert is cancelled for this year, to allow more academic pursuit.
Thank you once again for your support! Please do continue giving you us your valuable feedback since Druk School is yours for your children!
Wishing all the Parents a Very, Very Happy and Prosperous Dasai since Druk School always believes in the Victory of Good Over Evil!