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HI...I am back on my page again!

posted 21 Nov 2013, 20:50 by Unknown user   [ updated 21 Nov 2013, 20:50 by M. B. Mongar ]

Hi Everyone,

My sincerest apologies for not being in my page for so long. I promise you that now onwards, I would be regular with my updates!

Today, the 20th November, 2013, was a very emotional day for all of us at Druk School since we had a final meeting amongst the subject teachers, students and parents of the first  Druk cohort of the Bhutan Secondary Certificate Examination(Class X). We were honoured with the presence of the most supportive parents who trusted us  and thus made their children the pioneers of the BSCE at Druk!We were so privileged to have their support till the end. Thank you  ,dear parents, for all you did to give your children the voice and the space to grow independently. They have  made  you proud.

The precious first cohort comprises of  sixteen students ,eight girls and eight boys. Each one …..the Jewel of Druk School. Time flies and these beautiful swans are now ready to fly .Most of them have been with us for so long…...their entire basic education  years with us and how they make us so proud  now as they stand as responsible young  leaders  who have  been real role models for all at Druk School.

These  swans have grown together and worked amidst tears and laughter and have become stronger as a team. They are fantastic team players. They are our dream  team and we are confident that they would succeed as usual in the BCSE and in life. Today, as we formally   thanked them and released them from the rigor of  everyday routine work, we felt good since we believe in them and know they would be alright without us being around them. They have grown and they have won and knowing  this, we are happy.


Well…. For the rest of the Drukians…the  annual exam is on wef 21st November and I know all of them must be busy burning the midnight oil. After all my students also believe in the  maxim ,”Bhutanese work best under stress”. And as ever, my students will appear for their examination in the same happy manner, each child the happiest after each exam paper. Schedules may change, weather may change, exam papers may change, but for each little Drukian,  their happiness quotient never changes and I am so glad for that.

I know I  expect too much sometimes from my students but  when I see my little ones of PP-III, coming to school early morning(8am) without any fuss and my seniors(IV-X) leaving school at 4.30pm in the November cold without any anger, I do feel great satisfaction that my children have learnt to persevere and take the challenges stoically. I call this preparing for life and I feel so good about it.


Well till my next post, here’s me wishing all my very dear  students the very best in their Annual Examination and with heartfelt prayers for each one ‘s success, happiness, good health and peace of mind.Love you always!  Mam Principal.