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Loads of Appreciation

posted 7 Jun 2012, 04:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Jun 2012, 04:00 by M. B. Mongar ]
Dear Parents,

Well…here I am..back to school after a visit to India( with a new hair look…courtesy: Command of our Precious King) to check and confirm admission in teacher training institutes for three of our teachers! They left today for the selection interview and I am confident that they will do well!

Well… I need to thank all the parents who made the Fun Run a great success by being there with us! It was a very memorable experience and I feel so good to hear from your children what special moment it was for them, too! A stronger bond has been created and I am confident it will bear fruit in the long run!

I would also like to thank all the parents who made it on the days to check your child’s answer sheets as well as for the result day to assess our input and your child’s output in the first term! A big thank you to parents who took the time to write down your feedback to us and your very well validated suggestions! The positive feedback gave us added confidence and moral support to better our services and input and the negative ones have made us reflect and improve upon them! We promise to work on our weaknesses! The suggestions as made by you will be posted on the site for everyone’s observation and we hope to discuss them in our first PTA meeting, which I hope will take place soon!

Well.. things do happen fast in Bhutan… in five days absence, realized a very necessary policy had come about on Tuesdays being vehicle free days! But I must congratulate you.. parents..the children’s attendance on the first Tuesday was 98%! It shows how important you consider the school for your child and how efficiently you had planned to ensure you respected the policy as well as get the child to school and back home! Incase you have any suggestions for the school to consider to make life easier for you on Tuesdays, please do let us know.May I also request you to consider the usage of school bus since we have enough to cater to your needs!Thank you!

We are now in the last lapse of the First Term.. remedial classes are on and teachers are working hard to ensure students do better in the Mid Term Exam! Children are also getting excited about the exam as well as the summer break! As one of the activities to celebrate Sherig Century, I am working on a Summer Camp, during the summer break, on Creative Arts and Crafts, to be facilitated by external organization, for levels PP-IX. I will inform you in detail once I am ready with the whole programme.

Till then…wishing all of you…good health and peace of mind! 

Tshewang Choden