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posted 18 Sept 2012, 00:08 by Unknown user   [ updated 18 Sept 2012, 00:08 by M. B. Mongar ]
Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the  delay in being with you all ! Had some problem with our site! I would like to  thank all the students who did a wonderful job with the Junior Concert: some taking part, some assisting  them and some organising and managing the whole crowd! I would also like to thank all the teachers and support staff for their  input in making the show an enjoyable and accident free one! Most of all, I would like to thank all the parents who were there to support us and the Wangduephodrang Dzong Renovation Scheme!We are truly blessed with the quality partnership!You make us proud! I feel sorry for those children of mine who had none of the parents or guardians with us on that day , to boast their morale!This was one of the reasons why  we appealed to the parents not to shower their children with extra tuck and attention. Sometimes we unknowingly cause a lot of pain !
Now that we are done with the Second Term Tests,... the last test being tomorrow.. all of us are looking forward to the long Tshechu break!I hope my children get to be at the Tshechu with their family since  religion and religious ethos play such an important role in a child's value clarification development.The children deserve a break yet must be supervised  with their choice of activities.Please encourage more outdoor activities and less on television and  video games.Researches have proved beyond doubt that continuous television viewing and playing video games,  for a  period of 45 minutes or more at one sitting, leads to  hyper attention defecit syndrome .And I am getting scared observing such a trend creeping in stealthily and the attention deficit problems we are facing now in the classrooms! May I remind you that we are seriously working on speaking softly, calmly and politely at school.So, please do reinforce this model at home ! The noise level is getting higher with everyone shouting and wanting to be heard! The school reopens on 1st October,2012...same timing..full day...the only change is checking of answer scripts of Second Term  is postponed to 1st October:time3pm-6pm..Till next time:Cheerio!
Wishing all of you a Very Very Happy Thimphu Domchu,Thrue and Thimphu Tshechu!Love from all at the Management.