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Welcome to Druk Family!

posted 2 Nov 2012, 22:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 2 Nov 2012, 22:37 by M. B. Mongar ]

DS/Adm-33/2012/ 2054                                                     


Dear Parents,


Thank you for choosing Druk School for you precious child! We value the trust and confidence you have in us, in the provision of a wholesome education for your Prince/Princess.We look forward to working together as partners in the successful  education of your child.

From the onset, I would like to make it very clear  t




hat the success of your child would completely depend on the level of support and cooperation we get from you. You have a great role to play and I assure you of the wonderful pleasure and satisfaction you would gain by seeing your child bloom  at Druk School, since at Druk School, we understand that there is nothing more precious than a child and nothing is more important than preparing a child for the challenges of the future.

Druk School is uncompromising in its commitment in the provision of high quality education and sustained investment to ensure the children benefit from an education of the highest standard.


We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Druk School  Family!




With highest respect,



Tshewang Choden Wangdi



Few important information for Parents of Pre-Primary Students:

1.   Orientation Programme for New Parents only.Students need not come:  16/th February,2013:Time:9am-1pm.(Please book this time for the school.It is very , very important!)

2.    Academic session for 2013 starts on 1st March,2013, for  Students of Pre Primary Class.Reporting time:8.20am.Full day:Lunch must be send.Pick up time:2.55pm.Five days a week.(Monday-Friday)

3.   Stationery would be supplied by the school as per the need of the  class levels for a cost for the whole year, which will be worked out by November,2012.

4.    The School Uniform comprising of  gho and tekyo for boys ; kera , honju and tekyo for girls  and the PE uniform  for boys and girls  should  be  procured from  the School to maintain  uniformity in prints and colour.   The cost will be intimated later. Materials for  gho and tekyo for boys , kera, honju and tekyo for girls would be available from the school premises wef.19th December,2012. School encourages  personal stitching to ensure comfort level and durability .

5.   The school uniform shoe and socks is black and we encourage good quality shoes since it has a serious repercussion on the child’s comfort and growth. School shoes with velcro straps are especially recommended for the younger children since it makes them more independent and has  an effect on their confidence level.

6.   The PE uniform(sports wear) would be available from 1st February,2013 at the school premises.Cost would be worked out by then.

7.   School encourages the use of school transport system   for the following reasons:

- assist in the conservation of environment since Druk School strongly believes in it.

- allow parents to be more relaxed in the morning and avoid the morning rush and stress which has a huge repercussion on their interaction with their school going child/ren as well as their own health and mood for the day .The school transport system facilitates pick up and drop off, all over Thimphu town area at a nominal cost.The details will be made available on the Orientation Day for Parents which is scheduled on 16th February,2013.

8.Pre Primary Curriculum offers  Dzongkha, EVS in Dzongkha,Maths ,English as core subjects and Information Technology, Music,Physical Education, Library Skills and Arts and Crafts  as subsidiary subjects.


Thank you once again for believing in us with the most  sacred task of facilitating  the joys of learning in your most precious child. We welcome you, too, as a partner in discovering the pleasure your child will shower upon  as he/she moves on steadily,  facing the complexity of life with confidence and happiness!


With all our love and good wishes,


The Druk School Family.