Literary Output

The Life of a Student

The life a student is very hard. A student is someone who is learning from school, home and the social community and is expected to do everything perfectly. Parents, teachers and friends are the three most important types of people in a student’s life. Friends are the only people who can expect to understand us, as they are the same and share the same problem and care for us.

We, the students of Druk School attend school from eight in the morning till four in the evening. During this time, we are drained out, in simple words, merely saturated and when reached home, our parents tell us to take bath, get down for studies. It’s as if we have no time to breathe or do things we please even for fifteen minutes.

The routine of a student is so packed up. We don’t like to study, but we still do it knowing it is good for us. While typing this essay, I feel as if every day is going by in the blink of an eye. I know that our teachers work very hard to unleash the best in ourselves, but we do not want to do that. Yes, it is true that studies are important, but moreover, our health, our playtime is reduced by so many hours of school.

Often, we observe that the people who study little and are bit more carefree, turn out to be more successful because when they really study, they outshine the rest because they do not just mug up answers, they use their own logic. But that is very less as teachers demand mugged up answers and for us to use the same words in the textbook.

If our studies are so important, why was Finstien called a fool in his mathematics class? And he turned out to be the greatest mathematician in human history. If our studies are taught to us in a fun loving, interactive manner maybe we can be more interested in it. I do like to study but I like playing more.

Parents, teachers all have so high expectations and we try to do our best to live by them. We are bound by both sides because of pleasure, stress and our own conscience and guilt. But we really appreciate our school. Teachers and we value our Principal.


By: -

          Vaibhavi Gaiha

          Class VII A

          Roll no. 23

The Weeping Willow

Once there lived a beautiful willow trees. No woodcutter dared to take their lives, for even the cruelest of men were softened by their love. The two sister trees loved each other so much. But one dreadful day, deviling, the monster of hate, who defied their love started a huge fire over Andros, where they lived. The older sister was burnt and died, and the younger sister was badly damaged. She let out tears to her sisters roots. “oh, dear sister! Thy voice was sweet, thy heart was pure, but why, oh why did Devilina take the life of tree?” she cried, hugging her sister, for she held her very dear. But, sad as she was, she went to a cliff where a cave was. There she stayed, weeping, sobbing. Her tears soon created a reverse waterfall, for they were tears from the willow memories. From then on she was to be called “The Weeping Willow”


By: -

          Chimmi Lhamo

          VII A

          Druk School.