Specialization offered in 2014: Traditional Bhutanese instruments as well as piano, drums, and guitar
Music in School and quality musical programs has been Druk School's passion since 2001, since we believe 
  • Music increase academic performance across the board
  • Music improves students listening skills and helps them concentrate longer
  • Music has a positive impact on School attendance and engagement
  • Music provides the cross-curricula resources 
  • Musics provide accredited professional development courses.
  • Musics provides assessments rubrics, curriculum links,videos of dances, digital resources and in developing other ICT resources.Live performance energizes young mind and expands cultural awareness. Our comprehensive resources and professional learning opportunities enable teachers to the different learning path of the child and deepen the exploration of the rich world of music.
Live performance Plus - for all primary students and up to year Xth courses, resources and performances
Live Music Packages - for secondary students performances and work shops.
Musicians in the class room - For primary and secondary students
Anatomy of Music - Secondary Students Composition workshops.

Digital or live, Online or Offline, our music in the classroom accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We hope you will help us continue to inspire more Drukian Students through live music.