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Committees 2017

Committees, 2017

Academic Board : -

1.   Principal     -  Chairperson

2.   Vice Principal

3.    Assistant principal

4.    Course Leaders

5.    HoDs

Examination Committee:

1.         Principal  - Chairperson/Convener

2.        Vice Princial- Controller of Examinations

3.        Course Leaders

4.        HODs

5.        Mr. Jaganath Dungana

Literary Committee (English): -

1.         Ms. Sherab Wangmo - Coordinator

2.        Mr. Gayatri Bhandari (Focal Person-VII-X)

3.        Ms. Karishma Rai       (Focal Person IV-VI)

4.        Ms. Laxmi Rai

5.        Ms. Karma Jigme

6.       Ms. Rachana Sharma

7.        Ms. Muna Chhetri

8.        Ms. Archana Gupta

9.       Ms. Manju Sharma (Focal Person PP-III)

Literary Committee (Dzongkha): -

1.         Lopen. Chado - Coordinator  

2.        Lopen. Passang  (Focal Person VII-X)

3.        Lopen. Tandin Dorji ( Focal Person IV-VI))

4.        Lopen. Jampel Sheynyen(Focal Person PP-III)

5.        Lopen. Lham Dorji

6.       Lopen. Sangay Rinchen ( PP-III Focal Person)

7.        Lopen Choki Nima

Cultural Committee: -

1.         Lopen. Lham Dorji – Coordinator

2.        Lopen Tandin Dorji                  

3.        Lopen. Sonam Tshering (AP)

4.        Ms. Sonam Choden

5.        Mr. Choki Nima

6.       Ms. Manju Sharma

7.        Mr. Narayan Ghalley

8.        Mr. Joythang Khongsai


Roles & Responsibilities of Cultural Committee:

v  To organise the school concert & other musical events for internal & external programmes.

v  Internal would encompass the teachers day/childrens day celebrations.

Student Support Committee (P-III)

1.   Mr. M.B Mongar –Coordinator

2.  Ms. Sonam Choden

3.  Lopen Sangay Rinchen

4.  Ms. Pabitra Sharma

5.  Ms. Laxmi Ghimiray

6. Class Teacher (Defacto member)

7.  Assistant Principal

8.  Mr. Sonam Tshering

Student Support Committee - (IV – VI):-

1.   Ms.  Kamala Ghalley.– Coordinator

2.  Lopen. Tandin Dorji

3.  Mr. Jonathan Redman.

4.  Ms. Karma Choki

5.  Class Teacher (Defacto member)

6. Vice Principal

Student Support Committee – (VII – X)

1.   Mr. Phub Dorji– Coordinator

2.  Lopen. Passang

3.  Principal

4.  Ms. Sonika Rai

5.  Ms. Poonam Chhetri

6. Class Teacher (Defacto member)

Roles & Responsibilities of Student Support Committee:

v  To ensure the guidance and counselling system is followed by each member of the faculty.

v  Decide on the cases forwarded by the course leaders

v  Facilitate semso visits (Nu. 1500). (Parents)

v  Facilitate hospital / home visits(Nu.1000)

Staff  Welfare Committee: -

1.   Ms. Karma Jigme – Coordinator      

2.  Ms. Namita Pradhan- Treasurer

3.  Ms. Subhadra Sharma

4.  Ms. Laxmi Rai

5.  The course leaders (Defacto Member)

6. Principal- Advisor

Roles & Responsibilities of Staff Support Committee:

  1.  To ensure the teachers code of conduct is followed by each member of the faculty.
  2.  Ensure the concerns of staff are addressed.
  3. Facilitate semsoo visits . (Parents /spouse & children )
  4. Facilitate hospital / home visit
  5. Conduct welcome & farewell programmes.

Games & Sports Committee: -

1.      Mr. Sonam Tshering- Coordinator

2.     Mr. Phub Dorji

3.     Mr. Jonathan Redman

4.     Mr. Sangay Dorji

5.     Mr. Tarun Kumar Balampaki

Roles & Responsibilities of Games & Sports Committee:

1.      Plan and conduct the Annual  Sports Day.

2.     Plan and conduct the inter house & intra school competitions.

3.     To maintain the inter house competition score board up-to-date.

4.     To select and field school  teams for external competitions

5.     To organise community fun health focussed  activities.

6.    To check the sports attire on regular basis.

Time Table Committee: -

1.   Mr. M.B Mongar         –Coordinator

2.  Course leaders

3.  Mr. Sangay Dorji

4.  Mr. Jaganath Dungana

5.  Ms. Subhadra Sharma

6.  Ms. Karma Choki

Roles & Responsibilities of Time Table Committee:

v  To prepare the instructional time table.

v  To prepare the examination time table.

v  To prepare the invigilation duty roster.

v  To prepare the school timings.

Health & Sanitation Committee: - PP-III

1.      Ms. Laxmi Ghimiray -  Coordinator

2.     Mr. Karma Jamtsho

3.     Ms. Radhika Rai

4.     Ms. Sonam Choden

5.     Lopen. Jamphel Sheynyen

6.    Lopen. Sangay Rinchen.

7.     LungtenPelmo

                       Health & Sanitation Committee: - IV-VI

1.         Ms. Karishma Rai– Coordinator

2.        Lopen. Lham Dorji

3.        Mr. Jonathan Redman

4.        Ms. Kamala Ghalley

5.        Tshechey Zangmo


Health & Sanitation Committee:VII-X

1.         Mr. Karma Dorji- Coordinator

2.        Lopen. Passang

3.        Ms. Sonika Rai

4.        Ms. Karma Choki

5.        Tshering Choden

Roles & Responsibilities of Health & Sanitation Committee: -

v  To ensure the well being of the students & staff.

v  To ensure  hygiene in the campus.

v   To provide basic first aid.

v  To facilitate the immunisation programme.

v  For any serious injuries a child should be taken to the hospital immediately with information to the parent to come to the hospital.

v  To disseminate the information on the seasonal health ailments.

v  To maintain the first aid room immaculately.

v  To celebrate the major international health days.

v  To monitor the usage of the children health book.

Text Book Committee: -

1.          Ms. Tsheche Zangmo -Coordinator

2.        Principal

3.        Course Leaders

4.        All the Teacher Aids

Admission Committee: -

1.         Vice Principal  – Coordinator

2.        Lopen. Sonam Tshering

3.        Course Leaders

4.        I.T Teacher

5.        Ms. Namkha Lhamo

House Advisors: -

1. Mr.  Phub Dorji – Coordinator

2. Vice Principal

3. Mr. Jonathan Redman

4. Mr. Sonam Tshering (HPE)

  Roles & Responsibilities of House Advisor: -

v  To ensure the house system is institutionalized.

v  To make each house coordinator responsible for his/her obligation towards his/her house.

v  Observe and evaluate the inter house competitions.

v  Monitor the house activities using the evaluation criteria.

v  Coordinate with the games and sports committee to up keep the inter house score board.

v  Allocate the new students to the houses.

Transport committee:

-Handed over to Galing-Kha group of companies

Student bus user logistics and communication Committee

1.   Mr. Gayatri Bhandari  – Coordinator

2.  Vice Principal

3.  Mr. Karma Jamtsho

4.  Mr. Dechen Namgyal

5.  Mr. Sonam Tshering (HPE)

6. Mr. Laxman Sanyasi ( Finance)

7. All the Teacher Interns.

Roles & Responsibilities of Transport Committee: -

v Provide efficient transport service to the clients.

v Ensure highest level of safety in the service provision.

v Effective monitoring of the student in the bus.

v Maintain the schools code of conduct in the bus also.

v Make sure music facility is provided and used in the bus to engage the student.

v Provide prompt information on any changes in its service.

v Maintain attendance registers for bus users.

v Design and print ID for the bus users.

v Monthly update the financial implications.

v Adapt the routes according to the demand and explore the provision of the extra routes.

v   Ensure only 30 min is taken by each child to reach home/ school.

v Ensure transportation service is made available for the approved field trips/ staff programmes.


            Awards/Graduation Day Steering Committee


  1.  Focal Person:Ms. Karma Choki & Ms. Rachana Sharma
  2. Principal
  3. Vice Principal
  4. Ms. Sonam Yuden
  5. Mr. Damcho Yonten
  6. Mr. Chado
  7. Ms. Laxman Sanyasi
  8. Ms. Sherab Wangmo
  9. Course Leaders

Beautification/ Hospitality Committee:

ü  Mr. Tarun Balampaki, Ms. Saru Limbu

ü                       Ms. Amy Carmichal. J

ü                       Ms. Kamala Ghalley

ü                       Ms. Radhika Rai

ü                       Ms. Archana Gupta

ü                       Mr. Lham Dorji

ü                       Ms. Sonam Choden

ü                       Mr. Karma Jamtsho

ü                       Mr. Chado

ü                       Ms. Poonam Chhetri

ü                       Ms. Manju Sharma

ü                       Mr. Narayan Ghalley

Roles & Responsibilities of Beautification/ Hospitality Committee: -

1.         To ensure the school looks welcoming and presentable.

2.        To provide hospitality to the visitors and guests.

School Diary Committee

1.         Mr. Damcho Yonten -Coordinator

2.        Course Leaders

3.        Mr. Birendra Chhetri

4.        Mr. Tandin Dorji

5.        Mr. Chado

6.       Ms. Karma Choki

7.        Ms. Sonika Rai

8.        Ms. Saru Limbu


Scholarship Committee

1.                                       Chairperson, Galingkha Group of Companies

2.                                      Principal

3.                                      Course Leaders

4.                                      Class Teacher

5.                                      HPE Teacher


Scouts Committee

1.         Mr. Choki Nima & Lopen Lham Dorji – Coordinator

2.        Ms. Sherab Wangmo

3.        Ms. Laxmi Ghimiray

4.        Ms. Karishma Rai

In charges

1.         Lockable Display boards  –

Staff Board: Ms. Laxmi Ghimiray

Parents Board: Ms. Muna Chhetri & Ms. Tshechey Zangmo

First Floor : Harmony Block: Ms.  Amy Carmichal.J

Second Floor: Harmony Block: Mr. Jaganath Dungana

Third Floor: Harmony Block: Lopen Tandin Dorji

2.        Ground Floor: Happiness Block: Ms. Radhika Rai & Ms. Devika Gurung

3.         Current information board: Mr. Gayatri Bhandari and Manju Dhakal

4.        Substitution log    : Mr. Karma Dorji (VII-X), Mr. Sangay Rinchen (PP-III) & Lopen Lham Dorji (IV-VI)

5.        School photographs: Mr. Damcho Yonten & Mr. Gayatri Bhandari

6.       Attendance register for meetings: Mr. Choki Nima.