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Day Boarding

Day Boarding: Druk School’s Pioneer Venture

In keeping with its vision of making the school a center of academic excellence responsible for imparting knowledge and behavioral skill to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, the Druk School has introduced “Day Boarding System” for the benefit of all the students at the school since 2008. This scheme is approved by the Ministry of Education.

This service is purely on a non-commercial basis meaning that the school has no financial gain from the service. While the school recommends the parents particularly those having difficulty in guiding their children at home due to various reasons, the decision to enroll or not to enroll lies entirely with the parents. It is to be noted that the day boarding system is no substitute for normal day schooling. The school will evaluate the children based on their own performances irrespective of whether they attend or do not attend the boarding system. The school will not under any circumstances reward or reprimand the children in any way for either attending or not attending the boarding system. The day boarding system will be carried out 3 hours per day 4 times a week from Monday to Thursday. For 2020, we would commence the service with effect from April 2020 to October 2020.

Objectives of day boarding system

a)  To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students; reinforce the strengths and overcome the weaknesses.

b)   To assist/guide both low and high achieving students in specific areas.

c)   To provide physical sportive activities.

d)   To provide a more stimulating environment.


a)  Must be a student of a school in Thimphu.

b)  Parents are willing to bear the expenses of the day boarding system which must be paid latest by 1st   working day of the following month for four weeks.

c)  One must register for a minimum of four weeks to enable the hiring of the resource personnel and payment to them.

d)  Students do not involve in activities detrimental to the interest of the school, other fellow students and other members of the community, failing which the students concerned will be deprived of the day boarding facility.

Timings and activities in Day Boarding system

Full Day Boarding (IV - IX)

ü  4:30 pm: Change to sportswear.                         

ü  4.30 pm-5.00pm: Games or Taekwondo taught by the national coach and follows the prescribed levels.

ü  5.00pm-5.15pm: Washing / Tea and snacks            

     5.15pm-5.30pm: Completion of home work under supervision.

ü  5.30pm-7:15pm: Tutorial / Leave for home.


Mini Day Boarding for Juniors (I - III) 

ü  2.00pm/4.00pm: Change to sportswear

ü  Games

ü  Wash/Snack

ü  Homework completion/Tutorial

ü  4:00pm: Leave for home


     Fee Structure:

The fee for full day boarding system is as follows:

Full Day Boarding: Nu. 625 per child per week (Mon, Tue, Thurs, & Fri)

Mini Day Boarding: Nu.500 per child per week (Mon, Tue, Thurs, & Fri)

Each tutorial class will only have seven students. The fees include payment for teachers/resource person, taekwondo or games, use of facilities and refreshment.

The school hires skilled teachers and resource persons from other organizations. School bus/taxi is available for dropping the children home after the day boarding program but at an additional charge.


Members of Day Boarding System:

  1. Dr. Timsina , Parent Member
  2. Ms.Tshering Choden,Office Manager
  3. Principal
  4. Deputy Principals

                Overall Coordinator of the Programme: Mrs. Reshmi Subba